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08 October 2010 | Current Rating


  • Non-inductive or slightly inductive loads,resistance furnaces.
  • IEC product standard 947-4


  • Squirrel-cage motors:  Starting, switching off motors during running.
  • IEC product standard 947-3


  • Starting of squirrel-cage motors with inching and plugging duty. Rapid Start/Stop. (Make and Break LRA).


  • Auxiliary (control) circuits


  • Control of AC electromagnetic Loads.
  • IEC product standard 947-5-1


  • Connecting and disconnecting under no-load.
  • Assumes all switching operations are carried out by other capable devices before this device is operated.
  • IEC product standard 947-3


  • Switching of resistive loads, including moderate overloads.
  • IEC product standard 947-3


  • Switching of mixed resistive & inductive loads.
  • IEC product standard 947-3


  • Occasional switching of motors or other highly inductive loads.
  • IEC product standard 947-3

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