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Star Delta Starter

Star Delta Starters use contactors to reduce the voltage applied to each winding of 3 phase ac induction motors (squirrel cage) to about 58% of the line voltage. This reduces the starting torque and current for a variable amount of time (standard 1-30 seconds) and then switches over to Delta.

7.5 – 250 kW

Our Star Delta Starters are built in our workshop with quality components, as standard our panels include an MCB/Fuseload Switch, mechanical and electrical interlocked Contactors, Overload and Timer.
The panel is completely wired, and includes 6 terminals for motor connection and mains connection to either the mains door-interlocked isolator or the MCB/fuseload switch.

We offer various options for our Star Delta Starters; these can be customised when ordering through the online store.

Coil Voltage
Enclosure Material

All our units can be supplied with auxiliary controls.

Standard Star Delta Starter

7.5 kW 11 kW 15 kW 18.5 kW 22 kW 30 kW
37 kW 45 kW 55 kW 75 kW 90 kW 110 kW
132 kW 160 kW 200 kW 250 kW

Reversing Star Delta Starter

11 kW 15 kW 18.5 kW 22 kW 30 kW 45 kW 55 kW

ABB Star Delta Starter

15 kW 230V 15 kW 400V 15 kW 230V 15 kW 400V 15 kW 230V 15 kW 400V
22 kW 230V 22 kW 400V 22 kW 230V 22 kW 400V
Enclosed Star Delta Starter Enclosed Star Delta Starter

Star Delta Starter

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